Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update on my sister's surgery

Just wanted to thank everyone that has kept my sister in your thoughts & prays.  She is home and doing very well, everyday she gets a bit stronger.  
It has been a long time since I had 3 kids running around and all that laundry LOL.  they are off from school this week so at least no running to school and sports.  think I will need a vacation after this LOL
thanks again I really appreciate it  and really miss looking at all the blogs but will be back soon


Sandy from Ukiah said...

I am so glad to hear MaryEllen is feeling better... you take care of yourself. Those 3 kids will run you ragged.. I have missed seeing your beautiful cards my friend

Joan Ervin said...

You are such a wonderful sister to take such good care of your sister, Norine....I'm glad she's doing better!!!

Yvonne said...

Im glad to hear that your sister is doing well, Norine:) I hope you`ve been able to enjoy the easter holidays.
Hugs, Yvonne.

Shirley said...

Boy, Norine, I am a day late and a dollar short! I am still sending well wishes your daughter's way. If you are still there sending energy wishes to you too! :-) I would love to send you all a card if you want to go to my blog and send the address to the EMAIL Me in my side bar. I would love to know your sister's name too. Best to all of you there!

loopylou said...

hiyah norine!!! missing your posts, pressie on my blog for you xx

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Norine, haven't heard from you in awhile, I hope everything is ok.. I left something for you on my blog.

Adela said...

Norine, I hope your sister is all better now. I'm sure she appreciates all that you've done for her and the kids. You're a wonderful person. Take care.

Shirley said...

Just stopped by to say I hope everything is still going well for your sister and that she is well on the ment too!

Norine said...

Hi Shirley well she had to go back into the hospital last week some fluid around her heart they think it is normal but will do another test next week so still staying there
Hope you are ok I do miss my blog and everyones beautiful cards
thanks so much for asking it means alot